Our vision is to help bridge the gap between the wealthy and the poor in our community by funding, educating, and providing training programs to create equal opportunity for growth and success.

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We have many students that need our support. FRANCO offers financial aid and other forms of training to further equip our younger generations to become employable and successful in their careers. 



Over the years we have developed a strong relationship with many of the most active development organizations in Franschhoek. 

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All our funds come from private donors. Since 2005 Franco has been helping over 100,000 people in different ways solely relying on private donations and volunteers.

FRANCO stands for Franschhoek Resource And Network Co-ordinating Organization. We are a registered non profit organization founded in 2005 by Ron Whytock, a retired airline pilot,  who saw the impact on those without the means or capabilities to support themselves and their communities.

FRANCO was initially established to create a connection between the various community and social projects in the Franschhoek area, and to develop an effective and streamlined approach to the management of funding. Over the years, FRANCO has built solid relationships with key community stakeholders and come to learn and understand the various dynamics within the area. As such, we are in a position to make informed decisions as to the disbursement of funds that would have an optimal impact on the lives of those in need.   

We acknowledge the role that wealth plays in driving our economy, but are concerned that the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow. We at FRANCO, believe in encouraging people and communities to empower themselves, and that education is a means in which to do so. We offer financial aid, together with various forms of training and development, in order to equip young people with the necessary skills to enable them to secure employment. Our main aim is to restore a sense of pride and self-esteem into under-resourced communities, who’ve historically been subjected to discrimination and prejudice.

Where are we?

FRANCO is located in the  village of Franschhoek, situated about 80km East of Cape Town, South Africa. This is the so-called food and wine capital of the country. Breath-taking scenery, warm hospitality, world class cuisine and fine  wines  combine to create lasting memories to the discerning traveller.

In contrast, a few hundred metres outside of the quaint village, there is a community which is home to over 8000 people, many of whom are living in informal settlements without running water, proper sanitation and are struggling on a daily basis to sustain a basic standard of living.


Who and What is FRANCO?

Network Partners

There are over 30 community and social development entities in Franschhoek