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FRANCO South Africa

Who or What is FRANCO ?

Franschhoek is undoubtably one of the most beautiful places in South Africa. Moving from a sleepy retreat into one of the premier tourist destinations in the Cape, Franschhoek has maintained its strong cultural heritage. But with any heritage, it also has a legacy of extreme poverty and other socio-economic issues which are often camouflaged by the enchanting environment.

FRANCO was started in 2005 by Ron Whytock who saw the impact on those without the means or capabilities to support themselves and their communities. Over the years, and through amazing support from our donors, we are able to identify and assist those in need, from Early Childhood Development, disability and outreach programs, to vocation education and skills development.

As environments change, economies fluctuate, we have had to change our focus to areas where we are able to make a difference.


Community Outreach

We currently support and assist in community outreach programs from Soup Kitchens and Food Parcels, to Safe Houses for Abused and Ex-offender rehabilitation.

Community Upliftment

We have well developed programs in Community Centers, Arts and Culture, as well as Holiday Programms and Life Skills Coaching.

Early Childhood Development

We support many local community based ECD projects as well as making our support a propity for other oganisations with ECD projects and programmes.

Education & Bursaries

We believe strongly in Education for the Leaders of Tomorrow and therefore have made education programmes and bursary-like loans available to many aspiring students.

Emergency Assistance

We actively assist underfunded local Emegency Services and Facilities where possible.

Sports & Recreation

We have many local Sport focus projects, including the sponsoring of local Sport Teams and Individuals in their efforts to compete in larger arenas.

Some of our local Community Network Alliance Funded Partners

There are over 30 Community and Social Development Entities in Franschoek alone