Our Students

Luseko Nontsholo


My name is Luseko Nontsholo and I am 21 years old. I was born in Eastern Cape in a rural area but I grew up in Western cape with single parent. I attended Dalubuhle Primary and Groendal Secondary School and currently doing my third year in Education at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. FRANCO helped me to raise the finances to buy textbooks and I am very grateful for their support.

Ncebakazi Dingayo

Executive Secretary

My name is Ncebakazi Dingayo I was born in Eastern Cape Elliot. My mother passed away when I was still young and was taken in by my grandmother who looked after me until she also passed when I was doing my matric. I now live with my aunt who opened her home for me.

I came to understand that life is not easy and I have to try my best to create a better future for myself and be independent, which I think is the desire of each child who doesn’t have parents.  I'm currently doing an Executive Secretary course at Boston College and I'm certain that one day it will change my life. I was really struggling to pay my fees and decided to approach FRANCO. I thank FRANCO for helping me to pursue this goal so that I can also one day help others.

Mandlenkosi Bula

Tourist Guide

My name is Mandla Bula, I was born and raised in Cape Town.in the township called Khayelitsha. I'm 29 years of age. I am an ex-prisoner and spent 7 years of my life in prison because of the wrong choices I made in life. Time in prison was not a waste because  that is where my life was changed through faith in Jesus Christ. I was released back into society in 2013. I got an opportunity to make my dream come true the moment I was released into the Lord's Acre Halfway House and became part of the Ambassadors Missionary Service. 

FRANCO helped me to get my driver's licence and I applied for the PDP licence to carry passengers. FRANCO helped to clear my finger prints so I could live my dream and become a tourist guide. They also paid for a tourist guide course, and I am now a qualified tourist guide.  Franco is not just an organization but the hope to many disadvantaged children and youth of this valley.

Sune Solomons

Clinical Pathology

I was born and raised in Franschhoek. I would say that I had a good upbringing where both my parents played a role in teaching me good values.

I attended Groendal Primary school and matriculated at Franschhoek High School in 2015. I am studying Natural Medicine at UWC and my goal is to become a Clinical Pathologist. This career does not invlove dealing with patients face-to-face but if my skills can help someone from suffering, it will mean the world to me. My father is the only financial provider in our household and was unable to cover my full course fees and accomodation.

I'm grateful to FRANCO for accepting my application to partly finance my course fees; this has given me the opportunity to futher my studies and make a difference in the lives of others.

Sibuthe Nkonyana

Prospective Lawyer, 5th year BA Law Rhodes University 

I was born in the beautiful town of Mount Fletcher, but our family moved to the Western Cape when I was five years old, in search of greener pastures. This move would change the trajectory my life forever, allowing me access to opportunities and the company of people, I would otherwise never have enjoyed.

Ever since I can remember my mother has always stressed the need for education; conventional or otherwise. As such, I developed a hunger for knowledge from a young age; I grew fascinated with learning about how the things around me worked. As such, the moment the Kusasa Project launched programs to further explore the sciences and other subjects, I was primed to join. Through such programs, I was able to attend Franschhoek High School on a scholarship, continuing my quest for knowledge.

FRANCO intervened in my educational journey at the end of my 3rd year at Rhodes University, agreeing to assist me financially in regard to textbook costs, transport amongst other fees. It is through their support in this regard that enables me to continue with my studies with diminished levels of stress and allows me to continue my quest for knowledge and self-improvement.

I'm hopeful that one day I will become a lawyer and that will be possible due to the intervention of FRANCO, the seeds of education sown by my mother and an innate hunger for knowledge within me.

Groendal Secondary School

Students in Groendal Secondary School kicked off the new academic year with a great surprise from the FRANCO organization on the 7th of January 2019. In an effort to boost morale and empower dedicated students Franco awarded five deserving children scholarships that will help them throughout the school year with tuition fees, stationary, transport fees and uniform needs. These 5 students are Sandizile Sonka Grade 12 Head Boy, Dominique Bosman Grade 12, Marc Pierre Josephs Grade 11, Ashante Jacobs Grade 10 and Frangene Adams Grade 9. 

Contact us if you know a student that you think could benefit from our program today.

Current Projects

  • Our primary goals are Education & Self-reliance based......

  • We provide mentoring and scholarships to students in financial distress from the F.E.T. phase onwards

  • We sponsor accredited vocational trainings such as qualified tourist guides courses, etc.

  • We support Sports & Recreation programs especially rugby, netball, cricket and tennis.

  • We support Arts & Culture Recreation programs in Community Centers

  • We support Early Childhood Development programs 

  • We offer Small Business Loans and Mentoring programs

  • We support Safe Houses for Abused and Ex-offender rehabilitation

.... however we are always present in all other areas of need in our community: 

  • We support Community Outreach programs 

  • We provide Emergency Assistance and Relief 

  • We support various Soup Kitchens in the community

  • We distribute Food Parcels in extreme emergencies

  • We collect and distribute clothing donations in a container based in the community  kindly sponsored by one of our donors




5 Mark St, Le Roux, Franschhoek, 7690, South Africa


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