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Partners & Volunteers

In line with our vision and name - the Franschhoek Resource And Network Co-ordinating Organization - we focus a lot of our energy and efforts on partnering with the many non-profit organizations and volunteers operating in the Franschhoek Valley in order to achieve the most targeted aid to our residents and avoid duplication of efforts as much as possible.

In the Franschhoek Valley there are over 30 active duly registered non-profit organizations operating in various sectors, from social work to counselling, education to animal care, hospice care to feeding schemes, sport to art and culture.

FRANCO always reaches out to the various stakeholders in our community in order to offer the most effective support and provide targeted aid for the most impactful results. Together we are stronger, and FRANCO is always keen to hear from your organization and your projects to see how we can combine efforts and possibly cooperate. 

In 2022 we organized the very first FRANCO Thanksgiving function inviting all the organizations we partner with, and it was a wonderful evening of sharing ideas and cooperation while enjoying the finest young talent our Valley has to offer. 

Please send us an email to with your Project Ideas and we will always try and help you achieve realistic goals.


Our programs are either of a regular or “ad hoc” nature, we therefore are always looking for volunteers to help us carry them out to the most professional and efficient level possible.

We are always on the lookout for people who can help us with various skills such as:

  • Event planning and coordination

  • Teaching skills - from knitting to business mentoring, carpentry to computer literacy, literally any skill that can enrich and equip individuals to become more employable or start a small business.

  • Cooking (making jam, baking, preparing already-made meals)

  • Reading to Grade 2-5 learners or assisting with homework

  • Helping with distribution drives in the local schools 

  • Driving, dropping, and collecting items 

  • Donating clothes and items for our market days

  • The possibilities are endless. We would love to hear from High School students in need of Service Hours for programs like the President Awards or Community Service Hours. 

Please email us at specifying “Volunteering” in the subject line and we will send you a small information form to sign up with us!


Our Network Partners

We currently work with + - 50 businesses and social development entities in and around Franschhoek.

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